We are clients of Charlotte, but our trainers, Tyler and Luke moved down to Tampa. We cannot say enough amazing things about Tyler and Luke. Our dogs, Jakers and Luke (yep, same name), are both great dogs individually, but they both had problems with aggression and other dogs. They would attack other dogs, seemingly, entirely unprovoked and it was just disastrous. We knew Jakers was insecure and that was part of his problem, so we got Luke thinking that it might make him feel better to have another dog in the house while we were gone. It went horribly. The two of them were mortal enemies -- literally, trying to remove each other from this earth. We love them both, but we were on the verge of trying to rehome one of them, because they could not live together. We had tried a few trainers before -- a local trainer, Bark Busters -- but the programs involved more time than we had to give and did not seem to work well for aggression. Obedience, yes, but aggression, no. We sent Jakers and Luke to aggression rehabilitation at Dog Wizard, with frankly, not a lot of hope. We had read a lot of great reviews, but we didn't know if those dogs were aggressive and you never know with reviews. The were results were amazing and, sorry to be cheesy here, but for us, life-changing. Our home is so much more peaceful and we get to keep both of our sweet pups. Tyler and Luke worked around the clock on whatever issues we identified at the outset of training. They gave us updates and posted pictures almost every day of their progress. It only took 2.5 weeks, even though we were expecting it to take much longer. It is dangerous work they do -- Luke intervened in an unexpected dog fight and got his finger sliced open for his troubles -- but we are so so so grateful. Even though they have moved, Luke and Tyler keep in contact with us about our dogs and are available for and receptive to questions all the time. We had a lot, especially after first taking them home. I am attaching one of my favorite photos of our two dogs together. Luke and Tyler are the best. Just trust the process and they can really make you and your dog(s) so much happier. Good luck! I remember reading these reviews and feeling pretty desperate about the situation, but hopefully this can help someone with the same aggression problems we had. I should note here too that if your dog isn't aggressive, training for these guys will be a cake-walk. As a bonus really, our dogs are quite obedient now. They don't drag us down the street anymore when we go for walks. Okay, I'll quit now. Thanks to Tyler and Luke!

Luke and Jakers Perez,

I can not say enough awesome things about Tyler!!!! We were at the end of our rope with our 7 month old Cockapoo Wriggley. He was not an aggressive puppy but had anxiety around large groups of people, the groomer, the vet and his anxiety resulted in him making bad decisions of growling or nipping! The groomer had to muzzle him as well as the vet! Wriggley spent 2 weeks with Tyler day and night and returned to us a totally different puppy! Tyler built Wriggley's confidence in himself which resulted in him becoming a part of our family instead of being "just a dog" on the outside looking in! We were amazed when this puppy that refused to come when we called his name, was now coming when called, sitting, placing, and looking to us for his next move! Tyler not only built Wriggley's confidence, but he built ours too. He spent time going with me in public with Wriggley around other people and dogs and taught me how to move Wriggley through situations that before would have resulted in growling/barking. He even went to Wriggley's first groomer appointment and talked with the groomer on how to make Wriggley feel comfortable and came armed with a bag full of hotdogs for the groomer to use as treats. This was the first time he was groomed without a muzzle! I knew that Tyler cared just as much for Wriggley as we did and he truly wanted Wriggley to succeed not because he wanted to show he (Tyler) knew what he was doing, but because he wanted to see Wriggley happy! I was very sad to know Tyler would be moving to Florida but I know he is just a phone call away if we need him for support. Thank you Tyler for giving Wriggley a second chance!

Wriggly Helms,

My wife and I recently kept a dog that we were fostering that had some problems we just couldn't fix on our own. So after talking to people we were directed to The Dog Wizard, and we are very happy we were. Our dog Rowan was such a sweet pup, but we had no idea how much training he had had, and from what we were learning on our own it wasn't much. He would jump our 6ft fence in the back yard and just run and run from us. He would not listen off leash. Had some aggression towards bikes, mopeds, skate boards. When we would walk around other dogs he would get very excited and make it for a difficult walk. We sent him to The Dog Wizard for 2 weeks of boot camp, and he had the best luck because we got Luke as a trainer. We would see videos of his progress on Facebook and Luke would check in with us every few days. Just to watch the change in Rowan in a short amount of time was amazing. When we got him back 2 weeks later he was like a new dog. We are absolutely blown away by how well he was doing. Luke was amazing. When he brought him back to us, he spent so much time with us talking about the training and showing us what we needed to work on, and answered any and all questions. He was never rushed to be somewhere, he wanted to make sure we were completely happy with the results and comfortable with the training we would have to continue. He was so so good with us and Rowan. You could tell Luke loved to do this and takes time to build a special bond with the dogs in a short time. Watching the relationship Luke had with Rowan made us feel so good about the service we received and the care we knew Rowan had while he was away. I would highly suggest Luke and the Dog Wizard to any and all. It is so worth the cost. Rowan was a great dog before, but he caused a lot of stress, now he is just a perfect dog and a month after training is doing as well if not better from the day we got him back. I only say better because we have stuck with the training Luke stressed that we needed to always do with him. No jumping the fence, we can walk him off leash if we want, even around bikes, mopeds, other dogs. Luke did a great job, and is so easy to work with. He is also very accessible to any questions outside of the times he was with us and always responds promptly. If you get Luke as a trainer I promise your experience is going to be great. Thanks so much Luke and The Dog Wizard, we will suggest you to everyone we see with a dog!

Rowan Asher,