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Guarding Food And Territorial Aggression Tampa Dog Trainer

How To Treat Territorial Aggression And Food Guarding By Dogs

Guarding Food And Territorial Aggression Tampa Dog Trainer

Guarding Food And Territorial Aggression

Animals instinctively protect their resources from humans and other animals as a way to survive in the wild.  When a domesticated dog exudes territorial aggression, it is critical that the owner seeks the help of a professional local dog trainer. The guarding behavior must be rehabilitated to ensure a healthy and safe relationship with humans and other animals.

Resource guarding is expressed differently in different pets.  The local personal dog trainers of Tampa Dog Wizard explain that some dogs will run away barking with their favorite chew toy or bone, while others will growl at, chase, or even attack their assumed antagonist.  In most cases, dogs show this type of aggression toward other animals, and other times it is toward humans as well.

A common type of guarding behavior is food aggression.  With only one pet, owners find it easy enough to manage by isolating the pet during feeding; however, it can be more serious of a concern when there are multiple animals in the home, or children.  Aggression is sometimes expressed toward just strangers, but in most cases it is toward anyone that comes close during feeding time.

Partnering with a professional Tampa dog trainer is a wise decision for any age dog.  Puppies born into a domestic, pet-friendly environment can exhibit guarding aggression, as they learn this behavior from having to compete with their littermates for limited food.

Even if an owner welcomes a new pet into their home that doesn’t display guarding aggression, it is imperative that they conduct exercises that will prevent the development of unwanted guarding behaviors.

The professional dog trainers of Tampa Dog Wizard begin the rehabilitation process by teaching the dog that the aggression-specific resource is not theirs.  In a food-aggression case, a schedule of feeding and drinking is necessary to gain control.  The experts will allow the pet to eat on command, and throughout the process, they will interject in different ways to reiterate to the pet that the parent is still in control.  By repeatedly moving and picking up the food/water bowl, the trainer teaches the dog that it does not belong to them.  Once the pet understands that the parent is the provider, the trainer will begin further testing of proximity versus reaction and continue to reinforce desired behavior.

The local dog training team at the Tampa Dog Wizard explains that an owner should never react to guarding behaviors by punishing their dog.  The dog will react as though the person intends to take the possession away even if their approach is harmless.  Given the particular and specific training techniques required to rehabilitate this type of behavior, an owner could end up reinforcing unwanted behaviors by reacting improperly to their pet’s aggression. It is probable that the resource guarding will worsen, and it can damage the relationship between owner and pet.

We hope we could help you treat territorial aggression regarding your dog with this advice. If you need additional help, please feel free to contact us.

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