Tampa Dog Trainer On Dog Aggression

The Reasons Of Dog Aggression And How To Treat It

Tampa Dog Trainer On Dog Aggression

Tampa Dog Trainer On Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression Can Be Extremely Frightening. It puts a pet owner in a serious predicament, challenged with the possibility that their beloved pet could cause harm to another human being or animal.  Aggressive behavior can result in a dog having to wear a muzzle or remain solitarily confined.  These are ‘band-aids’ that do not treat the issue and makes it an emotional experience for the pet owner, and certainly no way for a dog to have to live.   In many cases, aggressive dogs are put to sleep.

Aggression is often just a manifestation of underlying behavioral problems, and can be corrected with a structured rehabilitation and training program.  The Tampa Dog Wizard educates its clients that the majority of aggression cases are fear-based.  There seems to be an epidemic of fear-based aggression on the gulf coast.  More and more pet owners are turning to the local dog trainers to help them through this challenging circumstance.  The professionals summarize the cause of aggression as this: at one point, the dog was scared of something and reacted aggressively.  The reaction resolved the situation at that time; however, because it was not addressed by the owner and promptly corrected, the dog learned that it was the appropriate way to handle the feeling of fear.

Any size dog can be aggressive.  Because large dogs can be harder to physically control, it is a misconception that they are more aggressive than small dogs.  Some behaviors that dogs in an aggressive state may demonstrate include: barking, growling, stillness, lunging, charging, showing teeth, snapping, biting or shaking.  A Pomeranian might express aggression differently than a Rottweiler, but the root cause of the aggressive behavior could be the same.

Pet owners adapt to aggression by trying to avoid the stimuli that trigger outbursts in their pets.  This daily struggle can be inhibiting, making it impossible to enjoy time with their dog in public, and preventing them from being around other people or animals.  Through a process of safe socialization and positive association, Tampa Dog Wizard is confident that most dog aggression cases can be rehabilitated so pet owners can enjoy life again.  The approach taken by the local dog trainer team in Tampa is multi-pronged: proactive execution of training the desired behaviors, as well as quickly addressing and correcting any surfacing problems effectively.

The professionals of Tampa Dog Wizard stress the importance of ongoing commitment and follow-through from all members of the pet’s household once the initial program is completed.  It is also wise to seek preventative training for puppies that are commonly aggressive breeds to ensure the pet learns the right way to handle fear from a young age.  Dog aggression is the most challenging behavior obstacle to overcome, and everyone must be willing to commit to the training regimen to ensure their pet’s lifelong wellness and safety.

We hope we could help you treat dog aggression with this advice. If you need additional help, please feel free to contact us.

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