I can not say enough awesome things about Tyler!!!! We were at the end of our rope with our 7 month old Cockapoo Wriggley. He was not an aggressive puppy but had anxiety around large groups of people, the groomer, the vet and his anxiety resulted in him making bad decisions of growling or nipping! The groomer had to muzzle him as well as the vet! Wriggley spent 2 weeks with Tyler day and night and returned to us a totally different puppy! Tyler built Wriggley's confidence in himself which resulted in him becoming a part of our family instead of being "just a dog" on the outside looking in! We were amazed when this puppy that refused to come when we called his name, was now coming when called, sitting, placing, and looking to us for his next move! Tyler not only built Wriggley's confidence, but he built ours too. He spent time going with me in public with Wriggley around other people and dogs and taught me how to move Wriggley through situations that before would have resulted in growling/barking. He even went to Wriggley's first groomer appointment and talked with the groomer on how to make Wriggley feel comfortable and came armed with a bag full of hotdogs for the groomer to use as treats. This was the first time he was groomed without a muzzle! I knew that Tyler cared just as much for Wriggley as we did and he truly wanted Wriggley to succeed not because he wanted to show he (Tyler) knew what he was doing, but because he wanted to see Wriggley happy! I was very sad to know Tyler would be moving to Florida but I know he is just a phone call away if we need him for support. Thank you Tyler for giving Wriggley a second chance!

Wriggly Helms,